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Don't choke... it's just flight info   
02:47am 02/01/2009
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I'll be calling you guys, but here's the flight info. I became afraid Wade might use the term "e-mail" again if I didn't resort to some form of internet-based communication.

All on USAirways... because they at least call me when my flight is delayed/canceled.

Jan 9th, Flight #1886, arriving at 4:08PM

Jan 11th, Flight #1728, leaving at 1:55PM

Seriously, I don't mind waiting around in the airport if I must, since I know you guys have work and all on Fridays. Last time I visited I ended up sleeping overnight in a crappy chair in Reagan (the airport, not the actual president)... so an hour or two in MCO with a nice Disney store is a vacation itself.

PS - how awesome is it that I remembered the password to livejournal!?! I barely remember my password for online banking.

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I live!   
01:27am 02/09/2007
  I'll be honest... over the past few months, I forgot the internet existed. Before I forgot the internet existed, I forgot livejournal existed. It's a poor excuse for not keeping up with you guys, I know. But I love you all!

You should at least know that I've had a busy summer, which is weird because I didn't have any of the big vacations I usually have. I couldn't visit the college kids because worked killed me this week (you have no idea how much this hurts me... I'm still considering buying a plane ticket that flies out tomorrow night after work so I can see everyone) and there was nothing like Vegas this year.

I did have a lot of those really cool weekends... we went camping in Assateague with the wild horses and spent another night camping up in the mountains. Rob and I had some Harry Potter nights (movies and books, oh my!). My friend Jess had her baby christened. I spent some time at Josh's shore house with him and Cara. We've had a ton of awesome parties. My friend Andy moved to Vegas, so Cara hosted a great summer bbq. I'm working 64 hours this week (no joke).

But more importantly, I'm so jealous and excited that you guys are having a great time this weekend! I hope that we can all plan a big trip together again soon that I can take part in. Even if it's just down to Disney again.

Be good!

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02:49am 08/11/2006
  So I know I haven't dusted this thing off in a really long time, but Miko made a post earlier today/yesterday that made me sad again and I wanted to let some people know without having to call everyone up (very awkward). Miko, I love you honey and I hope you call if you ever need to talk.

My Nana died on Sunday. On Friday I was home with her and noticed she had spilled her Boost (Ensure type drink) all over her nightgown. I helped her change in the bathroom and when we tried to walk her back to the chair she fell down. I picked her up again and two seconds later she was down on the ground. She wouldn't move at all the second time, so I called my father (who was down the street) to come home and help me lift her up. A minute or two later she stopped talking (although she did laugh when the dog came up to lick her face). When my father came home she wasn't responsive at all and we called 911. In the hospital she got better briefly before slipping into a coma. On Sunday morning they called us and told her there was nothing they could do. We came in on Sunday and all said our goodbyes before taking her off life support. She died about ten minutes later.

I won't lie. It sucks. The house is too quiet and there's a good 10 hour chunk of my day where I'm used to taking care of her that isn't quite filled. I cried through my shift at work on Sunday night and the funeral on Friday is going to not be fun. I know I never ever ever ever ever want to sit and wait and watch for a heart monitor to go to zero again. But she had a full life and gave death the finger at least three times before, so I can't say that she didn't deserve some peace.

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02:37am 22/04/2006
  So I missed everyone else's birthday because I suck like whoa at remembering dates.


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02:11am 31/03/2006
  Just a few notes, some fairly cryptic.

Biochemistry GRE Subject test on Saturday morning.

If I fail subject test, I may be moving back to O-town.

It scares me to think that some people may hope I fail.

Allison, the exact time of landing is 2:15.

People in Orlando: three of us may need a ride around 3ish on May 4th.

No high school reunion for me this year.

Leigh, what we were talking about earlier - it's complete bullshit. I'll rescue you.

Ew, my nose is bleeding.

Living at home sucks.

Daniel is TOTALLY HOT and I love him.

The end.

Oh, and nobody else I know is allowed to have a breakup or a baby. No one.

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A Christmas present to me from me   
02:36am 29/12/2005
  Today I bought myself a car.

I have been driving an old '92 Taurus station wagon since graduation, which my parents kindly gave me. I am currently in the process of selling it to my sister. She gave me her first payment for the car, which gave me reason enough to go out and get my new one.

So now I am the proud owner of a 2006 Toyota Corolla LE. This model allows me to date Miko if she and Wade ever break up! Hurray for new car! And it won't put me too far back, even though I'm financing the whole thing on my own. It just means I'll have to live at home a little longer since I'll still have to make the $300 monthly payments when I go back to school. But whee! CAR!

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02:47am 11/12/2005
  Um, yeah. Recap of the weekend later. For now...

Peter is 18. I'm moving to England.

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02:13am 04/12/2005

The end.

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12:45am 14/11/2005
  whoa update!

Can you handle it?

Sadly enough, my life has not been the epitome of interestly lately. I have not been evicted from an apartment, working towards any long term goals, or kicked out a public disturbance of a roommate.

But I did run over a large slab of honking fresh venison last night.

I was going to tell you all about it, but I imagined myself relating the story by changing the words in the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song and immediately nixed the idea. You're welcome.

Isn't it weird how the mind works?

So lately I've had the cold that WILL NOT DIE. Meaning that I cough every four minutes (you could set your watch!) and wash my hands so frequently that my knuckles bleed from chapped skin.

Oh, and it is MOTHER FUCKING BITCH ASS COLD here in PA. Known what's funny? When I read PA, I say "Pee-Ay" rather than substituting my state's name. Obviously, no good can come from the influence of inbred Amish folk.

Anyway, the weather is cold and I don't like it. Wah.

Right, so no snarky and insightful post tonight because I'm trying and nothing's coming to me. What I need is inspiration.

This post brought to you by the letters "O" and "G," which stand for "Original Gangsta." Because I'm not one.

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12:55am 10/10/2005
  Um, it turns out when you never log in to livejournal, you miss a lot of friends-only posts. Yeah.

So, you might have guessed that I will not be traveling down to the Sunshine State anytime in the near future due to lack of funds (loan payments start next month!) and scheduling conflicts. Although, I think this may be better because I can then go about scheduling a REAL TRIP when people DON'T HAVE SCHOOL or something. I dunno. Plus, I'm a real sicky this week (losing my voice, sore throat, swollen tonsils, constant sinus pressure, the works) so likely I would just get the herpes from all you kids who like to get mono or something.


Although this is not really as exciting as Halloween Horror Nights, since Hockey season is much longer... hockey still has been dead for a year and I miss it. Lots. And Cara and Josh will be there, who I really haven't seen for about 3 months (this is a typical separation time for Cara and I, since we have never had primary homes within half an hour of one another - including taking the blue route).

So if anyone else would like to schedule a social event that I can't make for this weekend, feel free - because I'm already missing HHN, I can't go to Baltimore with Sue to see our friend Nicole from high school, and I just missed the Witching Hour up in Salem.

And the Birds lost to the Cowboys. What a crap day.

In other words, I discovered last weekend that Irish Car Bombs will make me very drunk very fast if I haven't slept the night before. It helps when you have to do one everytime the Eagles score during a game they're actually winning (BITTER!).

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12:00pm 28/07/2005
  Whoohoo Tabitha and Michelle are the shit for not having anything to do today except have fun while everyone else slaves away! Ha!

Hopefully tonight, Wade will be able to keep his protein to himself.

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An unlucky number   
11:42pm 21/07/2005
  My littlest sister will be turning thirteen tomorrow, which I'm sure most of you would acknowledge as an awkward age. At thirteen I was taller than most of my teachers, stubborn, and too smart for my own good with no idea how to apply it. Most of these traits still exist, but I've learned to cope (or rejoice!) with them and be done. But thirteen is still awkward, and so am I. And so...

13 Awkward Things About My Life (take 1)

1. I'm paranoid about my nose. Since I almost broke it when I was little (and tried to do the same again three days ago), I worry about it constantly. Currently, the obsession is: does the bruise on the bridge of it show when I'm wearing my glasses?

2. I'm scared of fish. Most of you know this and it's good for a laugh. But, seriously, it's something that's really wrong with me. I was talking to my other sister Julia on Monday and she said, "I used to think people just talked about phobias with something they didn't like. But that one time [when you freaked out in the pet shop] was really scary. Now I just tell people to shut up because what you have is *real*"

3. Deep down, we all know that being geeky is really not cool. It's the being cool with yourself that's cool, not the activities.

4. My family situation is certainly messed up. When you're little, don't ever wish that something exciting will happen to you because you'll regret it when it does. I mean, who needs to take time to contemplate if you should call your father's half-sister through his birth-mother "Aunt Cindy" or just "Cindy?"

5. Trying to talk to Cara about her problems. Because she's my best friend and I think I'm a little too close to her to hear all that. I mean, we'll talk about it vaguely... what's she's doing to help herself and how her therapy is going... but one mention of her feeling symptomatic and I run in the other direction.

6. I'm stubborn. But I'm staying that way.

7. Most people think Julia is older than me. Most of the time, I think she should be, but I don't want her to deal with that.

8. I smile too much. At work, I smile all the time, which is mostly good, but sometimes not good (like when you almost break your nose). And then I feel stupid.

9. I feel really awkward asking for favors. I've gotten better at it, but I like to be able to do everything myself. It really sucks having to ask.

10. I still don't know what to tell my mother when I've been out all night and return home at 9am. Like, "I was out drinking at Brian's house with Jess and then we decided to sleep there before heading home because Jess was really retarded and Brian's house has better air-conditioning," is not my favorite explanation.

11. I require an extreme amount of time alone. Like, without anyone there. Including my best friend. Including my mother. Including anyone.

12. I used to be (and still really am) paranoid about someone breaking into my home. Just this house in PA, nowhere else. I can't sleep at night if I'm home alone. I think this has to do with the fact that someone *has* tried to break in (twice before), and my father used to travel a lot when I was younger, up to 3 weeks out of the month.

13. I hate talking about feelings. Because feelings are stupid and a lot of times problems resolve themselves without bringing them up so many times. Yech. I'd rather kill myself than enter a sobfest with someone.

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Nnnnnhhhahaaaa *Splat*   
01:08am 17/07/2005
  That is the sound your brain makes when it can no longer function.

Alas, I worked a 12 hour day yesterday, went straight to Barnes and Noble, picked up my book, read it in three hours, watched my sister cough up a blood clot from her recently removed tonsils, read paperwork about her surgery over the phone to my mother at 5am as they drove her to the hospital, slept for two hours, went to work for a 10 hour shift, came home and showered, then went back out to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Rebecca, where we laughed louder than the rest of the audience. Not only does all that make for a ridiculously long run-on sentence, but it wears a girl out.

Plus, half the contents of that book still weird me out. No details will be found here for at least a week (and then under cuts) because I'm being good - I haven't even told Jack at work anything about it when he begs. He's reading it out loud to his wife, which makes for slow-going.

*thinks more*

*forgets how to think*

Oh, and I'm going to Orlando soon! I only know when I'm going, so it would be nice to have a ride from the airport around 5 or 530ish (or sometime after that since I can't afford to be picky) on Thursday the 27th of this month. I still don't know which place I'll be staying at or what we'll be doing, but it will be fun!!!

Oh, and I'm a retard at calling people back (applies to all of you). Mostly I'm either out or asleep during free minutes time.

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Real Life Kicks Ass: Volume 1   
01:39am 01/06/2005
  Do you ever think that life is terribly fun and interesting... then you go to write about it and think it's all stupid? Because that's why I don't post a lot.Collapse )  

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I stopped real life for a moment to post this   
01:30am 01/06/2005
  I hate you, Rob :)

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video: probably about 40

2) Last film bought: Bridget Jones' Diary: Special Edition

3) Last film that I watched at home: The Princess Bride

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me, in no particular order: "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," "Fried Green Tomatoes," "Almost Famous," "Casablanca," and "West Side Story"

5) Pick on five people. Tag five people and have them put this on their journal.
Right, because there's gonna be five of you that won't be goaded into this by others. Leigh-Anne... you're it! And Michelle... and blah blah blah... if you haven't done this then you should because it will make you want to count your movies.

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03:55pm 09/05/2005
  Yay home.

Yay work.

Yay grad school applying.

Yay GRE scores:
650 Verbal (blah)
740 Math (yay)
5.5 Writing (yay)

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09:50pm 30/04/2005
  I have several unexplained (well, most of them can be explained, but this way sounds cooler) bruises all over me. My parents are going to think you people beat me.  

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Look, I copied from Neo... too bad it;s a day late   
01:17am 29/04/2005

Your Birthdate: April 28

Your birth on the 28th day of the month (1 energy) adds a tone of independence and extra energy to your Life Path.

The number 1 energy suggest more executive ability and leadership qualities than you path may have indicated.

A birthday on the 28th of any month gives greater will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach.

Unlike much of the other 1 energy, this birthday is one that endow with the ability to start a job and continue on until it is finished.

You may prefer to use the broad brush, but you can handle details as well.

You are sensitive, but your feeling stay somewhat repressed.

You have a compelling manner that can be dominating in many situations.


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12:48pm 28/04/2005
  God Bless PubMed.  

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03:14pm 21/04/2005
  Now starts the week Allison is older than me! Ha! She is old!

Took my gre yesterday and then found out I also have to take a subject test for the schools I want to go to. Now I have to study biochem like crazy to be able to take it within a few weeks. Luckily, I scored decent on the general test, so I don't have to worry too much about that. Also, I took my first two finals today and will be attending an AIDs support group tonight to finish up my Tuesday and Thursday class requirements. Now I just have to worry about the homework assignments and exams for my other three classes. Plus packing and the end of the year party. Then, graduation and I'm going to Disneyworld!

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