After these messages (aviendha28) wrote,
After these messages

A Christmas present to me from me

Today I bought myself a car.

I have been driving an old '92 Taurus station wagon since graduation, which my parents kindly gave me. I am currently in the process of selling it to my sister. She gave me her first payment for the car, which gave me reason enough to go out and get my new one.

So now I am the proud owner of a 2006 Toyota Corolla LE. This model allows me to date Miko if she and Wade ever break up! Hurray for new car! And it won't put me too far back, even though I'm financing the whole thing on my own. It just means I'll have to live at home a little longer since I'll still have to make the $300 monthly payments when I go back to school. But whee! CAR!
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