After these messages (aviendha28) wrote,
After these messages

I live!

I'll be honest... over the past few months, I forgot the internet existed. Before I forgot the internet existed, I forgot livejournal existed. It's a poor excuse for not keeping up with you guys, I know. But I love you all!

You should at least know that I've had a busy summer, which is weird because I didn't have any of the big vacations I usually have. I couldn't visit the college kids because worked killed me this week (you have no idea how much this hurts me... I'm still considering buying a plane ticket that flies out tomorrow night after work so I can see everyone) and there was nothing like Vegas this year.

I did have a lot of those really cool weekends... we went camping in Assateague with the wild horses and spent another night camping up in the mountains. Rob and I had some Harry Potter nights (movies and books, oh my!). My friend Jess had her baby christened. I spent some time at Josh's shore house with him and Cara. We've had a ton of awesome parties. My friend Andy moved to Vegas, so Cara hosted a great summer bbq. I'm working 64 hours this week (no joke).

But more importantly, I'm so jealous and excited that you guys are having a great time this weekend! I hope that we can all plan a big trip together again soon that I can take part in. Even if it's just down to Disney again.

Be good!
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