After these messages (aviendha28) wrote,
After these messages

Nnnnnhhhahaaaa *Splat*

That is the sound your brain makes when it can no longer function.

Alas, I worked a 12 hour day yesterday, went straight to Barnes and Noble, picked up my book, read it in three hours, watched my sister cough up a blood clot from her recently removed tonsils, read paperwork about her surgery over the phone to my mother at 5am as they drove her to the hospital, slept for two hours, went to work for a 10 hour shift, came home and showered, then went back out to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Rebecca, where we laughed louder than the rest of the audience. Not only does all that make for a ridiculously long run-on sentence, but it wears a girl out.

Plus, half the contents of that book still weird me out. No details will be found here for at least a week (and then under cuts) because I'm being good - I haven't even told Jack at work anything about it when he begs. He's reading it out loud to his wife, which makes for slow-going.

*thinks more*

*forgets how to think*

Oh, and I'm going to Orlando soon! I only know when I'm going, so it would be nice to have a ride from the airport around 5 or 530ish (or sometime after that since I can't afford to be picky) on Thursday the 27th of this month. I still don't know which place I'll be staying at or what we'll be doing, but it will be fun!!!

Oh, and I'm a retard at calling people back (applies to all of you). Mostly I'm either out or asleep during free minutes time.
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