After these messages (aviendha28) wrote,
After these messages

Um, it turns out when you never log in to livejournal, you miss a lot of friends-only posts. Yeah.

So, you might have guessed that I will not be traveling down to the Sunshine State anytime in the near future due to lack of funds (loan payments start next month!) and scheduling conflicts. Although, I think this may be better because I can then go about scheduling a REAL TRIP when people DON'T HAVE SCHOOL or something. I dunno. Plus, I'm a real sicky this week (losing my voice, sore throat, swollen tonsils, constant sinus pressure, the works) so likely I would just get the herpes from all you kids who like to get mono or something.


Although this is not really as exciting as Halloween Horror Nights, since Hockey season is much longer... hockey still has been dead for a year and I miss it. Lots. And Cara and Josh will be there, who I really haven't seen for about 3 months (this is a typical separation time for Cara and I, since we have never had primary homes within half an hour of one another - including taking the blue route).

So if anyone else would like to schedule a social event that I can't make for this weekend, feel free - because I'm already missing HHN, I can't go to Baltimore with Sue to see our friend Nicole from high school, and I just missed the Witching Hour up in Salem.

And the Birds lost to the Cowboys. What a crap day.

In other words, I discovered last weekend that Irish Car Bombs will make me very drunk very fast if I haven't slept the night before. It helps when you have to do one everytime the Eagles score during a game they're actually winning (BITTER!).
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