After these messages (aviendha28) wrote,
After these messages

So I know I haven't dusted this thing off in a really long time, but Miko made a post earlier today/yesterday that made me sad again and I wanted to let some people know without having to call everyone up (very awkward). Miko, I love you honey and I hope you call if you ever need to talk.

My Nana died on Sunday. On Friday I was home with her and noticed she had spilled her Boost (Ensure type drink) all over her nightgown. I helped her change in the bathroom and when we tried to walk her back to the chair she fell down. I picked her up again and two seconds later she was down on the ground. She wouldn't move at all the second time, so I called my father (who was down the street) to come home and help me lift her up. A minute or two later she stopped talking (although she did laugh when the dog came up to lick her face). When my father came home she wasn't responsive at all and we called 911. In the hospital she got better briefly before slipping into a coma. On Sunday morning they called us and told her there was nothing they could do. We came in on Sunday and all said our goodbyes before taking her off life support. She died about ten minutes later.

I won't lie. It sucks. The house is too quiet and there's a good 10 hour chunk of my day where I'm used to taking care of her that isn't quite filled. I cried through my shift at work on Sunday night and the funeral on Friday is going to not be fun. I know I never ever ever ever ever want to sit and wait and watch for a heart monitor to go to zero again. But she had a full life and gave death the finger at least three times before, so I can't say that she didn't deserve some peace.
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