After these messages (aviendha28) wrote,
After these messages

I live!

I'll be honest... over the past few months, I forgot the internet existed. Before I forgot the internet existed, I forgot livejournal existed. It's a poor excuse for not keeping up with you guys, I know. But I love you all!

You should at least know that I've had a busy summer, which is weird because I didn't have any of the big vacations I usually have. I couldn't visit the college kids because worked killed me this week (you have no idea how much this hurts me... I'm still considering buying a plane ticket that flies out tomorrow night after work so I can see everyone) and there was nothing like Vegas this year.

I did have a lot of those really cool weekends... we went camping in Assateague with the wild horses and spent another night camping up in the mountains. Rob and I had some Harry Potter nights (movies and books, oh my!). My friend Jess had her baby christened. I spent some time at Josh's shore house with him and Cara. We've had a ton of awesome parties. My friend Andy moved to Vegas, so Cara hosted a great summer bbq. I'm working 64 hours this week (no joke).

But more importantly, I'm so jealous and excited that you guys are having a great time this weekend! I hope that we can all plan a big trip together again soon that I can take part in. Even if it's just down to Disney again.

Be good!
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Chelle, give me a call next time you're free since you're schedule is more busy than mine. Lots to catch up on. Miss you! Mwah!

DragonCon was good and I think you would have enjoyed it in much the same level I did - so much going on that even if you don't understand all the fandom references, it's still an amazing thing to behold. Next year you should definitely come with us! And hopefully we'll get a good December O-town trip going in a few months. Atlanta is great with the peeps, but it's still no O-town!
It's good to be able to see you still exist. I hardly ever check LJ so this was exciting for me to read about you! Lol. Tab and I worry! BTW, I think your priority in life is to make sure you can fly down for my graduation weekend. I have a BFA show, which is like a culmination of my student career where you see my best work on Thurs Dec 13th, Friday I graduate, so far I can only get 4 tix, and Sat the 15th is the BIG bash! Ideally you could come for all 3, but I'd settle for the party. Maybe we can import the Orlando/UCF peeps to for like a little reuninon ;)