After these messages (aviendha28) wrote,
After these messages

Don't choke... it's just flight info

I'll be calling you guys, but here's the flight info. I became afraid Wade might use the term "e-mail" again if I didn't resort to some form of internet-based communication.

All on USAirways... because they at least call me when my flight is delayed/canceled.

Jan 9th, Flight #1886, arriving at 4:08PM

Jan 11th, Flight #1728, leaving at 1:55PM

Seriously, I don't mind waiting around in the airport if I must, since I know you guys have work and all on Fridays. Last time I visited I ended up sleeping overnight in a crappy chair in Reagan (the airport, not the actual president)... so an hour or two in MCO with a nice Disney store is a vacation itself.

PS - how awesome is it that I remembered the password to livejournal!?! I barely remember my password for online banking.
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